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Francois grew up in the Kalahari and went to school at Askham, a small town in the Northern Cape and high school in Upington. He worked for a mining engineering company in Johannesburg as a product manager for Bearing manufacturing group.

In 2012 he moved to Redelinghuys on the Western Cape. Started work in the private security industry and did anti-piracy and security work in the middle east as well as Africa. While in Somalia in 2016 on an  oil and gas project, one of the people he was protecting, a big Russian guy, started making a knives, he was immediately interested in knifemaking after that and began learning how to make knives.

When he arrived back in Cape Town, South Africa in Feb 2016, the first thing he told his wife was that he was going to make knives, and since then he has spent every single day learning and making knives. He became a member of the Cape Knifemakers Guild in September 2017.


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