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Wahl Knives Buffel

Wahl Knives Buffel


Features & Specs:

Jan Wahl grew up enthused with knives and swords. Him and his friends would re-enact battles after being inspired by films like “Rambo” and “The Three Musketeers”. His real introduction to knife making started while he was working at a taxidermy when one of his coworkers made a knife out of an old saw blade. He fascinated over the idea of his grandchildren being able to say, “My grandfather made this knife!” So, his father found a blacksmith near there town where Jan got to work and learn under.

During his years at Varisty, the responsibilities of life became more demanding which drowned away the time he had making knives. After losing his job, his father-in-law encouraged him to pursue his passion of knife making full time so that’s exactly what he did. In 2012 he became a proud member of the Knife Makers Guild of South Africa and is loving every moment.       

Type: Fixed blade
Handle: Giraffe Bone
Bolster: 304 Stainless
Steel: N690
Length: 8.5"
Blade: 4.25"
Other: Leather Sheath

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Wahl Knives Buffel
Wahl Knives Buffel
Wahl Knives Buffel
Wahl Knives Buffel