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Troep Fixed Blade

Troep Fixed Blade


Features & Specs:

Johan Troep is a very technical person who loves making things with his hands and is very proud of that. He is a Toolmaker of trade and designs die sets often.

He started making knifes in around 2006 as a hobby and putting all his knives in his bar on display for himself and his family. He handed out a lot of his knives to his family and friends.

His first knife show was a small crafters market where we saw a lot of interest from visitors. We then started attending bigger hunting expos where he saw a growing interest.

Johan takes pride in making fixed blades and is always willing to try something new to keep his customers satisfied. He went on some courses to be able to do all the work on his knives himself, including scrimming and stippelling. All of the handle material is being stabilized by himself in his home made vacuum pump and he also does his own hardening and temper of his blade material.

Knife Type: Fixed
Overall Length: 9.75"
Blade Length: 4.25"
Blade Steel: 12c27 
Handle: Azobe Wood
Bolster: 316 L

// Additional Pictures:

Troep Fixed Blade
Troep Fixed Blade
Troep Fixed Blade