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Steve Katz Rhodesian Kukuri

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Steve Katz Rhodesian Kukuri

Steve Katz Rhodesian Kukuri


Features & Specs:

Steve Katz is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He was anti-poaching for South African national parks service for 6 years, K9 deployment. He was a tour guide all over Africa and speaks 7 of the 11 official languages of South Africa, plus Swahili and Arabic. Having worked with many of the indigenous peoples of Africa, his love for Africa is his voice in what he makes and it gives him a unique ability to create his knives. Steve moved to the USA 4 years ago to West Palm Beach, Florida. His motto in life is, "the bits you remember you will never forget." But truth be told, as Steve says, he is one homesick kid.

Knife Type: Fixed Blade
Overall Length: 13.25”
Blade Length: 8.25”
Blade Steel: 5160
Handle: African Rhodesian Wood
Other: Custom Leather Sheath

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Steve Katz Rhodesian Kukuri
Steve Katz Rhodesian Kukuri