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Sam Hawkins Damascus Caper

Sam Hawkins Damascus Caper


Features & Specs:

Sam Hawkins is an American knife maker and full time missionary who has served in over 60 nations for the past 43 years. Sam has a B.A, in Greek & Religion from Union University and a Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also taught as a professor at several universities for 35 years. 

He had a furniture shop in New Orleans for 22 years and Sam's son, Josh, would watch him work. He made Josh a wooden folder and from there began to make more folders for people from his church. He quickly moved to steel and began designing hunting and bowie knives. His experience in pottery gave him the knowledge needed to his own heat treating. Although making knives is a hobby for Sam, the details and beauty of his knives will leave you speechless.

Sam is an honorary African Custom Knives knifemaker. 

Knife Type: Fixed
Overall Length: 6.5"
Blade Length: 2.75"
Blade Steel: Damascus
Handle: Snakewood
Other: Ostrich Shin

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Sam Hawkins Damascus Caper
Sam Hawkins Damascus Caper
Sam Hawkins Damascus Caper