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Pieter Annandale Kiridashi

Pieter Annandale Kiridashi


Features & Specs:

As a part time maker of one of kind knives – Folders as well as Fixed blades – I hope one day when I grow up to become a full time knife maker.Which started as hobby is now almost a way of life. With no formal training in the art of knife-making I am completely self-taught .
My short as well as long term goal is to make a better knife than the one I have just completed.
The blade steels are from N690 Bohler, Damasteel, Shaya Forge, Heavin Forge and VG10.
Handle materials can be hardwood, stabilised bone, G10, Carbon fibre or Micarta.
Only Titanium is utilised for chassis on the folders, be it framelock , sidelock or slipjoint

- The Knife Makers Association

Knife Type: Fixed Blade
Overall Length: 6.50"
Blade Length: 2.75"
Blade Steel: 12c27
Handle: Maple Burl

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Pieter Annandale Kiridashi
Pieter Annandale Kiridashi