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JD van Deventer EDC Fixed

JD van Deventer EDC Fixed


Features & Specs:

There are very few knifemakers who have the technical mind of a machinist, the skill of an artist, and the talent to merge those into a useful business endeavor. JD is one of those special makers who has all three attributes! You can just pick up one of his knives (we recommend the Kempachi…if you can find one) and you can feel “it” when you flip open the knife and hear the liner lock open. Each knife oozes sophistication and has gent-ical (gentleman’s tactical) aura around it. Even though the definition of “it” may be debatable for some people, one thing is certainly undeniable, JD has “it”!

 As a member of the KGSA since 2007, JD has continually strived to make knives that outdo the previous ones in quality and in innovation.

 You can meet JD at one of a couple shows he does in the United States, the BLADE show in Atlanta, GA (June), the USN show in Las Vegas, NV (September), or the NYCKS in New Jersey (November). He will also attend the South African Guild show (KGSA) in August.

 One little known fact is that JD is a Braai Master! For all you that are not familiar with the term “braai”, it is the African version of barbecue. If you visit him in Bloemfontein, South Africa, ask him to braai some lamb shanks, you won’t be disappointed!

Knife Type: Fixed Blade
Overall Length: 8.75"
Blade Length: 4"
Blade Steel: N690
Handle: Rosewood & Ebony
Other: Leather Sheath

// Additional Pictures:

JD van Deventer EDC Fixed
JD van Deventer EDC Fixed