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Black Dragon Forge Kiridashi - Hammer Strikes (old logo)

Black Dragon Forge Kiridashi - Hammer Strikes (old logo)


Features & Specs:

Neels Van Den Berg is a full-time bladesmith and knifemaker with a passion for learning and teaching. After taking a knifemaking course in 2007, Neels knew he had stumbled on a passionate indulgence, not just a way to provide an income. Neels forges his own steel and strives to make practical, high-quality, no-nonsense cutlery. He expects his knives to be used and used hard, which is why he stands by his work with a Lifetime Warranty.

 Don't let his rough exterior fool you though, he has made some if the finest custom knives that have come out of South Africa recently! At the 2016 Blade Show, he just earned his Journeyman Smith rating in the American Bladesmith Society. 

 When he's not swinging a hammer, he is constantly designing and improving knife models, forges, grinders and every aspect of bladesmithing and knifemaking.

Knife Type: Fixed 
Overall Length: 6.5"
Blade Length: 3"
Blade Steel: 5160 
Handle: Textured 5160
Other: Leather Lanyard

// Additional Pictures:

Black Dragon Forge Kiridashi - Hammer Strikes (old logo)