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Anthony Topham Santoku #18


Anthony Topham Santoku #18

Anthony Topham Santoku #18


Features & Specs:

Anthony started making knives in 2015 after a friend and fellow knife-maker, Andrew Bell, convinced him to make his own knives. So he made his first knife for his sister as a gift.

His style is a blend of traditional Japanese and Western chef knives that result in light, nimble and extremely sharp blades that retain enough backbone to stand up to the regular kitchen chores. He tends to use stainless or high-carbon steel for the blades and various naturally abundant African hardwoods for handles.

He is a member of the North Coast Knife Makers Club, and currently lives in Hillcrest, where he spends most of his free time making and refining his knife designs.

Knife Type: Fixed
Overall Length: 12.5"
Blade Length: 7.5"
Blade Steel: AEB-L Razor Steel
Handle: African Blackwood 
Bolster: Brass Bolster
Other: Mosaic Pins on handle

// Additional Pictures:

Anthony Topham Santoku #18
Anthony Topham Santoku #18
Anthony Topham Santoku #18